TOE SaversTOE Savers
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Description: The strong ultraviolet rays emitted from tanning bed bulbs are extremely damaging to expensive pedicures. UV rays turn French pedicures YELLOW and most UV topcoats are ineffective. It only takes a couple of tanning sessions to notice the discoloration. UV rays also shorten the life of gels and acrylics by drying them out and causing them to lift from the nail bed quicker. Your pedicure treatments are expensive to maintain. PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT WITH TOE SAVERS Spray Tanners will LOVE TOE Savers; spray jets are so close to the feet that there is not much control of the solution spray and it can easily collect near the feet. TOE Savers will completely cover toenails and cuticles; they can be trimmed to size, cleaned and reused. They are quick and efficient to apply and quick and less messy to remove. Your spray tan results just got better!
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